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Should I Apply for Multiple Jobs in a Company?

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Should you apply for multiple positions in a company? The answer is: it depends. It depends on three items; career objectives, experience and relationship to the company.

Once you have determined it is time to search for a new opportunity it is paramount to define your career objective. Your career objective should be consistent with your parameters. Your parameters include, position, company/industry and a time frame to achieve the goal. When deciding whether or not to apply for multiple positions, you need to ask the question: Are these jobs consistent with my career objectives?

Evaluating your experience can be a critical stage in the process of searching for a new position. It requires an honest look at what your abilities are and what your experience has prepared you to do next. It is extremely important to make the distinction between what you are qualified to do and what you want to do. After a careful and honest evaluation of your credentials, you are ready to ask the question: Are these jobs commiserate with what I am qualified to do?

It is all about relationships. In the business world this mantra is an absolute truth. Your relationship with the company that has the positions you are considering will play a vital role in determining the course of action. The relationship to the company can consist of simply applying through the website or the newspaper. Another level of relationship may consist of your connection with employees of the company. And further, your relationship may be through a recruiting firm. These three relationships are distinctly different, and therefore, you need to ask the question: What is my relationship to the company?

Once you have answered these three questions you can determine whether or not to apply for multiple jobs with one company. You want to maximize your chances to interview without appearing to lack focus on your career. The point is to accurately evaluate the jobs, keeping in mind your career objectives, experience and relationship to the company. In other words, it depends.