Advice for New Grads with No Prior Experience


By Frank J. Conde, MBA

Lead Senior Partner, GSP International ­ Search Firm specializing in the accounting and finance professions.

Congratulations! As a new accounting graduate, you’ve just spent the last four plus years of your life studying, enduring and persevering to accomplish something that at times seemed unattainable. It’s now time to make the transition from the academic world to the real world. You’re now faced with your next daunting task ­ trying to find a job with little or no experience. How does one go about it and where does one start? I’ve compiled a few simple steps that will help the new grad in getting their profile in the hands of the right people.

1. Make sure your resume is in shape.
Your resume is by far your most critical marketing tool. Make sure that it is clearly and concisely written, and that it reflects the following:

2. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!! Expose your skills and qualities as much as possible.

Personal networking will account for a great deal of your job search success.
Utilize the following sources to learn about job openings:

The more of the sources above that you use in looking for a new job, the more likely it is that you’ll find one. Best of luck and remember…finding your first professional position can frequently be the most difficult of all.